Pay to pass – alleged bribery and corruption on promotion exams

There has been an alleged bribery and corruption issue on the recent written promotion examination. Teachers nationwide took promotion examinations between February 28 and March 1, 2023, and those who passed will be eligible to advance to the next rank in the service.

Written tests were given for the positions of PS, ADII, ADI, and DD. Exam topics included problems and recent events in the service as well as a few current affairs.


Concerned teacher claims that several teachers paid bribes in order to pass, as reported by ITN. We shall have to wait and see if they will be fraudulently passed or not.

The teacher claimed that when the invigilation was finished, the majority of the teachers started looking for persons who could affect their test results so that they could bribe them to get promoted.

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Sources claim that certain teachers in the eastern region paid amounts ranging from ghc500 to ghc2500. The identity of the recipient of such funds is yet unknown. This has raised a lot of questions;

  • Are teachers bent on paying bribes to be promoted?
  • If teacher’s pay bribes to be promoted, what is the essence of writing the exams?
  • Does this proves that teachers don’t study before they sit for promotional exams?
  • Are the promotion exams important?

Bribery and corruption are currently prevalent inside the Ghana Education Service (GES). A teacher now typically places a stone on the paperwork he/she sends to the GES office to prevent the wind from blowing them away. Those seeking to become headmasters or headmistresses must pay their way through the application process. Just try to picture what GES and Ghana would look like in five years. Your guess is as good as mine.

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