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I wouldn’t call myself a relationship expert or guru, but I believe I have some insight into the mistakes that people make when they are in love and they are dating. People get into sincere relationships hoping to experience joy and happiness from that special someone, yet most of the time these relationships end in heartbreak and scars. Many relationships fail even before they begin, often without either partner’s knowledge. Here are just a few helpful hints that people can utilise to improve their relationships.

I’ve seen people dispute frequently over who should love more in order for a relationship to endure; the girls would state without hesitation that the boys should love a little more, and vice versa. Some people even compare it to a number, saying that men should love women to the tune of 80% and men to the tune of 50% or 60%. I’ll tell you what I think about that: it’s complete BULLSH*T. That is an illustration of a relationship that fizzled out even before it started. What would be wrong if both parties truly loved one another? Well, they claim that different people respond to various things. But I can promise you that if you choose the earlier example over the latter, you will be heading in the wrong direction.

I’ve also seen how predictable relationships are; what happened to spontaneity? The more erratic, in my opinion, the better. When spouses behave predictably, relationships completely stagnate. Change your pet’s names occasionally, and always leave your spouse guessing as to what you’re going to do next. It improves the bond and makes it more captivating than a PlayStation game. Act unusually.

You want to know what comes next—FRIENDS. Don’t get me wrong; friends are nice (depending on who you call friends, though); nonetheless, even when they are unaware, they can ruin a relationship. Their suggestions could seriously damage your marriage. Take care who you seek advice from.

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Contrary to what is commonly believed, never call your man 100 times a day (what the hell are you thinking? Is he Police?). Even if he may truly adore you, those calls could occasionally annoy you. Be prepared if he returns home one day with a cracked phone screen (hahaha, all your fault, love). Unnecessary phone calls could be a little annoying.

One of the best pieces of a      dvice is to offer each other gifts. And this is where a lot of relationships fall short. You are not having to wait for birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day. Just give your partner a small token of your appreciation—it won’t hurt. Plan that strange surprise date for both of you—I’m not just talking about the males here. I firmly believe that YOLO. Seriously though, instead of the normal fights and disputes (phew), why not just make your lover smile. After all, you only get one chance to live. Why make the world even more depressing when it already is?

Always look sharp. You shouldn’t act like a “I don’t care” woman or “an old school teacher” man and expect your spouse to think you’re the sexiest person alive (self-deception). Don’t get me wrong; being stylish doesn’t imply showing off your body to the public. As long as you don’t…, it’s not necessarily a terrible thing if the other sex thinks you’re attractive; count that in your favour. Always create an irresistible attraction for your lover.

Ladies frequently question “why” at this stage, and I have no idea what advice to give them. Why do men lie? That query has existed for as long as the planet has. Even though a man loves his woman dearly, he might nevertheless easily cheat.  Anyway, just go to your local spiritualist for help (I’m joking). I suppose that a woman alone may understand what to do to keep her boyfriend. You should be familiar with your man like a simple 1+1. You should be aware of all of his positives and negative traits, preferences and dislikes, and how to act in any situation. Meet a spiritualist as was previously advised if that doesn’t work (yet another joke).

You can add helpful advice in the comment section below as well. You never know; you might be advancing a couple’s relationship. Let’s contribute to a happier planet.

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