8 Signs a woman is playing a joke on you

It’s very normal for a male to notice a stunning woman, admire her, and desire to get to know her. It’s also very natural for a woman to make fun of a guy who likes her, drive him about, play with his emotions, laugh to herself, and then tell her friends about it. Even if a woman wants to play the “hard to get game,” if she likes you, she will still give you cues to keep pursuing her. You are in for it man, you would be the year’s hottest toy if she doesn’t like you. The majority of men chase every attractive woman they come across without understanding the distinction between the two indicators. This list of 8 certain signs that a woman is playing games with you is for all the guys who keep doing the same things wrong.

1. She gives you the incorrect number

In my opinion, every woman has done this at least ten times in her lifetime. Ask your sisters if you have any doubts. It’s frightening how quickly they generate a wrong number; every woman does this occasionally to get some guys off their back. The funny thing is that she appears so serious that you might not even realize she is giving you the wrong number. She wouldn’t give you the wrong contact information if she liked you since she would want to meet you again.

2. She schedules a date at a pricey restaurant

Ladies might be evil at times, but why do you do this, ladies? If the two of you decide to hook up somewhere and she knows that you don’t have the kind of money that Bill Gates does, she might set up a pricey dinner date for you (come on girls, this isn’t fair) because she knows that you can’t afford it otherwise. If a woman likes you, she wouldn’t want you to waste your money. This is merely another message to leave her alone.

3. She assembles a group of her friends for a date

Before I explain this sign, I’d like to share some advice with my brothers. If a lady brings a large group of her friends to a date you’ve planned just for the two of you, run, brother, run; don’t even try to be James Bond, your wallet will suffer as a result. This sign is a sister to the previous one; they complement each other. Come on, guys; if a lady wants to be intimate with you, she will want some privacy with you alone, not invite all her friends to ruin it all.

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4. She ignores your call

Another clue that this person is interfering with your life is if you have to call five times before she answers one. When you notice she shrugs to answer a phone, it shows you’re not even close to the much-hated “friend zone.” If she liked you, she would want to hear your voice at all times. If she treats you in this way, look for the next female unless you possess the ardour of a trained soldier.

5. She switches to speaker mode

If a lady is with her friends and she puts your call on speaker, forget it; you would be the new Mr. Bean among her pals- a laughing stock. Ladies value their privacy when talking to a man they like; if they like him, they would never put his phone on speaker so that their friends could make fun of them. If she likes you, she would typically seek out a private location to speak with you on the phone if their buddies are even disruptive.

6. She never permits you to see her

The answer is straightforward: if she doesn’t want you to come visit, she doesn’t want you at all. She’d want you with her if she liked you. You are better than some guys who are so far away if you are even at this point. She doesn’t even tell those people where she stays. Another piece of advice: If a lady never tells you where she stays, you are not even close to finding her.

7. She never goes there

What are you two doing if she doesn’t come over? I repeat: Brother, save your efforts and look for another woman if she hasn’t visited for one month, two months, or three. Don’t shatter your head for someone who doesn’t want you. If she likes you, she would most definitely visit. She simply needs to visit you; come on, this isn’t a movie (that is, if she likes you).

8. She makes you feel like a “Mr Buy All.”

Don’t let it get to this point; if she treats you like a “Mr. Buy All,” she isn’t interested in you. You have committed the worst dating blunder imaginable if you aren’t getting “some” and are buying “all.” Run, dude, when a lady asks you to spend like Bill Gates even if she is aware that you are not even near to him. Except for “whore kind of ladies”—to which this article is referring—every regular girl out there who is also interested in dating—a lady won’t let a guy spend excessively if she really likes him.

Don’t mislead yourself; you can’t possibly attract every woman in the globe. All women occasionally act in this way toward a man they don’t like, thus these indicators are real. Brothers, stop expecting all women to like you. Keep calm and carry on with your plans.

I’m sure you loved this article, and tomorrow I’ll bring you eight intriguing new ones. You must be aware of those indicators.

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