In response to the confiscation of cellphones, Sandema SHS students set fire to their dorm

As a form of protest against the confiscation of their cell phones, some second-year students at Sandema Senior High School (SHS) in the Upper East Region set fire to some of the dormitories at their school.

The school’s cadet corps commander allegedly confiscated the students’ cell phones while they were on campus, which sparked the protests.

A building that houses the school’s cadet equipment was set ablaze by the students as they continued their violent protest.

After the fire spread to more rooms, including the dormitory, the District Fire Service team arrived to save the day.
Speaking after the event, Richard Akumbasi of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools’ Upper East Regional Chapter observed that the region was experiencing an excessive amount of student indiscipline.

He claimed that just a few days prior, disagreements over the location of an exam between Kusanaba Senior High School students and administration existed.

“It’s awful that we have to bring up students and violence at various schools on a daily basis.

“Discipline is a problem, and I believe parents and other stakeholders need to find a solution.

What was going on with these youngsters at Sandema Senior High School, was it just a cell phone seizure?

The kids believe that setting fire to school property was the best course of action.

Then, he said, “we are really in peril as a society.”

Regarding the actions taken by the school administration against the pupils, the chairman said that the regional administrator of the Ghana Education Service (GES) will shortly form a committee to look into the situation.

A committee meeting will be held by the caretaker director of GES today or tomorrow, Friday, December 16, 2022, to discuss the next steps.

But he thought that these pupils had to be required to cover the costs.



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