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10 Common Lies Men Tell

The male gender has long been accused of telling lies to their female counterparts; ladies would claim that “all men are the same” and that “it’s in their blood.” Sometimes a guy simply needs to tell a small white lie to his girlfriend to get out of a tight spot. So here are 10 unthinking lies that males frequently tell.

However, this is not meant to imply that all males lie.

1.I didn’t have my phone with me.

He most likely heard the call, but he wasn’t in the mood to speak at that moment. He switched the baby’s call to mute. Hehe

2. I’m different from other guys

This is something that almost all men have spoken to a woman at some point. This is the ideal lie that men use to obtain their objectives. Even after hearing this falsehood from a thousand other guys, it still surprises me that women continue to fall for it.

3. She is merely a buddy.

This may be the most common untruth there has ever been. What did you anticipate hearing? that she is merely a side chick (probably like you) Get up from your nap, infant.

4. I’m heading there, dear

This is comparable to saying, “I just got out of the bath.” I’m sorry to bust your bubble, but honey, he’s not even close.

5. My status is for you boo (update or private message).

This one isn’t a lie at all; the only issue is that the update was also intended for six other girls, boo. To be sure, you must see your name there. Even your middle name and last name may come in handy occasionally.

The guys are telling me to stop because I’m breaking the guy code at this point, and the ladies are clamoring for me to finish the last five. You’re in luck, girls, because I agree with you on this.


6. I simply walked out of the house.

This is the response to the question, “Where are you, honey?” Just in case you were planning to announce that you were coming over shortly. lmao

7. I was just thinking about you

Every guy naturally says this; it just comes to mind on the tip of the tongue. It dates back as far as the term “old” itself.

8. Wow, you are the most stunning female I have ever seen! You are aware that is untrue, my love. You are not even close, so come on (except for just a few though). How is it that every woman is the most stunning he has ever seen? only asking

9. Please stay with me; I need you, baby.

When caught in the act, you can only tell this lie. There aren’t many other things to say than this.

10. I won’t speak to or call her again.

In other words, I’m going to see her, but you won’t see me with her again, and whenever you come to visit, I always delete her calls from my phone history.

Busted!!! Busted!!! Busted!!! I can hear their screams, damn. One thing is for certain, though: even after reading this article, most (women) would continue to believe these same things. I just don’t see why guys would still manage to find their way around.

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