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Man recalls how his wife forgave him after cheating and giving her HIV

A man revealed how his wife forgave him for cheating on her after he did so repeatedly and infected her with HIV.

This announcement was made by the man on Twitter in response to Cuppy’s fiance’s alleged adultery.

Being in love is challenging, and occasionally that love is put to the test, according to the Twitter user known as @veryfranklyn.

He admitted to cheating on his wife with various women and had numerous baby mama’s to the point where he contracted HIV.

According to @veryfranklyn, he unintentionally gave his wife this infection, but she forgave him after realizing it was God testing them, and they are now happily married.

“I hope DJ Cuppy doesn’t make a mistake. God puts us to the test in love at times. I frequently strayed on my wife and had baby mamas before getting HIV and secretly giving it to her. She forgiven me once we realized it was a test from God, and now we are both happy”. He tweeted

Observe the tweet’s copy below;



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