Video of a woman being beaten and pursued after being accused of witchcraft

Citizens in most countries in Africa have the traditional mindset that people who practice witchcraft have supernatural powers used to cause primary life misfortunes. Some tend to kill the person practicing witchcraft, whiles others banish the person from the community.

The case of a woman in Kuje; a suburb in Abuja has not been any different.

The woman was beaten by her fellow tenants in Kuje Abuja because they thought she was a witch.

When the alleged witch arrived home from a mysterious excursion she embarked on, the occurrence happened.

The woman reportedly admitted to casting a “juju” (spell) on the compound that has been troubling all of the inhabitants there for years, according to the tenants. Some tenants have reported to have lost their husbands, some got sacked from work, some got blind, children dropped out of school while some couldn’t renew their rent due to mysterious circumstances and other ill lucks. The video was shared by Tjreads on youtube.

Check out the video below;



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