Victor Hugo Sosa, mayor of Mexico, declares love for a female crocodile and weds it [video]

The mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, a town in southern Mexico, married Alicia Adriana, a female crocodile, in accordance with an unusual and traditional custom.

This long-standing custom has deep cultural importance and has been followed for 230 years at weddings. The rite represents peace and harmony between the indigenous Chontal and Huave people in southern Mexico.

Victor Hugo Sosa, mayor of Mexico, declares love for a female crocodile and weds it

The marriage with the reptile, which represents the cherished “princess girl” of local tradition, is carried out by the mayor, who assumes the role of the Chontal king.

The mayor stressed the value of love in a marriage throughout the ceremony by expressing his dedication and affection. “I take ownership because we care about one another.

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That is what matters. Without love, a marriage cannot exist… During the ceremony, the mayor, Victor Hugo Sosa, said, “I yield to marriage with the princess girl.

Victor Hugo Sosa, mayor of Mexico, declares love for a female crocodile and weds it

Prior to the wedding, the crocodile is taken to numerous homes for dancing while being dressed elaborately and having its snout tied tight for safety. At the town hall, where the wedding actually takes place, a local fisherman prays for prosperous and abundant fishing.

The mayor dances gleefully with his reptilian bride in a joyful celebration of cultural fusion, bringing joy to the populace.The mayor kisses the crocodile’s snout to mark the end of the wedding ceremony as the event comes to a close.

Watch video below;

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