Man becomes irate after discovering girlfriend at friend’s place charging her phone all-night [video]

An unanticipated turn of events led to a minor drama when a man confronted his friend while looking for his girlfriend and learned that they were secretly dating. Since the incident was recorded on video, it has gone viral, setting the internet ablaze with rumors and astonishment.

In the video that has since appeared online, the man who has been named as the boyfriend finds his fiancée missing when he arrives at her residence in the morning.

He made the decision to see his friend, who also happened to be his girlfriend’s neighbor, in an effort to find her. He had no idea that his search for information would turn up a covert relationship.

The guy explained that his girlfriend had expressed wanting to charge her phone at his place the night before when he arrived at his friend’s home. He was surprised to notice that there wasn’t a generator functioning which raised questions about her assertion.

He approached his friend to get further information, and the friend said that the girlfriend had come to his residence. The lover was curious to learn the truth, so he asked his friend where she was right now. His friend then revealed the startling information: she was in his room.

The boyfriend seemed noticeably upset at hearing this information and persisted by asking if she had slept there. His companion answered back with a rhetorical comment.

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He stated:

“You no know how much be fuel!” he said, hinting that the cost of fueling a generator was the reason he let her stay the night.

Social Media Reactions

@larvish___07 said; “Lmao,I no fit find her go ,because deadbody go surplus,but we can’t date anymore,no matter the trust lol 😂

@man_like_ajeh wrote; “You no know how much be fuel say Otilo😂

@ay_cosmos11 said; “If you calm down your babe go spend the second night there 😒😒…Money for fuel nah beans”

@crochetman_ said; “The guy no get fault at all, fuel don cost why you self no buy ham”

@rexoray wrote; “See her slippers under curtain na😂😂😂😂😂😂 abi you no know your babe slippers again?😂

@flamez_of/said; “Lol 😂 thank God say we no get babes again. God is great ❤️

@michaelohaji said; “As you no buy fuel or gen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you de ask if she sleep dia.”

Watch video below;

Video credit: Thatblackbwoyy

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