Update on the activities of the FORUM on the fight against NTC POINTS Building

Leadership of the FORUM was in parliament of the Republic yesterday to engage with the committee of Parliament  tasked to review the Legislative Instrument (LI) of the NTC and reports as follows:

1. NTC  Board and the Minister has not developed the LI required of it by the ACT 1023.

(see section 83 of the Act. Page 43.)

2. It was also confirmed that as at the beginning of the year  the NTC had lost its  mandate to carry out any form of  activity legally by virtue of it’s failure to develop the required LI. ( This LI when developed by NTC and approved by The Parliament of Ghana, would spell out the modus operandi of the NTC and regulations for effective implementation of the Act. ie, Licence fees, registration requirements, Licensure Examination among others.( see section 83 page 43)

3.That The registration of the teacher shall lead to the acquisition of license

4. It was discovered that the License of the teacher shall not expire to merit a renewal from a point building scheme.

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5. Procedure and requirements for registration shall be strictly by the provision of the Act ( ie. Section 68 of the Act. Page 40  and sections 71, 72, 73, 74 . Page 41)

6. That the registration of the teachers shall be renewed after every 2 years.( For permanent registration) and suspension of registration shall be in accordance with the Act 

( See section 74 1 a,b,c) and not by points building.

7. That the NTC’ shall publish the register of teachers in a newspaper of national circulation and NTC’s website annually.( see section 76 a, b and c. Page 42)

8.Teachers are being advised to take keen interest in studying the various Acts that governs education in Ghana.( To be shared here) 

This is the surest way we can fight the extortions in the system.

Stay tuned for more updates on Monday as Leadership speaks on TV3 on the subject.


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