Teachers on strike swarm NLC, expressing hope that their issues will be heard

A few striking teachers have congregated at the National Labour Commission (NLC) in advance of a meeting regarding their ongoing walkout with the government, teaching unions, and the commission.

The teachers insist that by being here, their leaders, who are prepared to bargain with the government about their working conditions, are showing unity.

A male teacher told Citi News in an interview on Tuesday “We are here to solidarize with our leadership as they go through the negotiations. We have had to do so because over the years the Labor Commission is looking at it as a very fair practice. We have respected that.”

Teachers on strike swarm NLC, expressing hope that their issues will be heard

“But then if we keep postponing, we are called today come tomorrow and sometimes the time the invitation comes for us does not auger well for us. So, we are waiting for them patiently so that when they come, we will listen to them…If it does not go in our favor then it will heighten the tension which is already on the ground.”

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The three teacher unions are optimistic that their talks with the National Labor Commission and the administration will be fruitful in the interim.

The strike has had a significant effect on pre-tertiary schools’ academic programs.
The lack of a functional plan of service for teachers and the delay in collective bargaining negotiations are the main causes of the strike.

Teachers on strike swarm NLC, expressing hope that their issues will be heard

After a pause for discussion between the parties, National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) President, Angel Carbonu, expressed optimism that their requests would be met.

“We are still in the process. They (commissioners) are doing their work. Now they are meeting the complainant. After that, they will meet the defendants. So, we are waiting. I am expectant that we get what are demanding…For now, all our concern is we get our demands. I am expectant that we will get it…all my thoughts are that it will go in my favor,” he stated.

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