Teacher in trouble after giving student severe lashes at his back

A recent event in which a teacher gave a student very hard lashings has sparked an important discussion regarding punishment in the classroom. This upsetting incident underlines the critical need for a thorough review of methods for managing student behaviour and serves as a sharp reminder of the difficulties associated with disciplinary procedures in educational settings.

The teacher, Sulle Koli, of Vitting Senior High School in Tamale is said to have administered the severe lashes to the student because he was slow to have come out of his room in the boy’s dormitory according to sources. The incident has rightfully sparked outrage and concern among parents, teachers, and the broader community. The severity of the punishment raises serious questions about the appropriateness and effectiveness of corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure within educational settings.

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Revisiting Discipline

Although discipline is crucial for upholding order and creating a positive learning environment, physical punishment is becoming less and less accepted as a useful method of discipline. Punitive tactics, like physical punishment, have been repeatedly demonstrated in research to have a negative impact on students’ mental and emotional health in addition to failing to dissuade misbehaviour.

Moving Towards Positive Discipline

It is crucial that teachers, policymakers, and other stakeholders adopt alternative disciplinary strategies that place a priority on restorative justice, positive reinforcement, and conflict resolution in light of this tragedy. Positive discipline techniques foster a climate of decency, accountability, and understanding among students by using measures like constructive criticism, explicit and consistent expectations, and student participation in decision-making.

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