Pupils of La Cluster of Schools play in graveyard

Imagine a situation where children play and eat in a graveyard every day during school hours. For students enrolled in the La Cluster of Schools, this is their reality. They participate in activities on the school grounds, which are situated within the cemetery, without considering the health dangers.

Even when they are grieving, children in the majority of Ghanaian traditional societies are not allowed to visit cemeteries for fear of encountering a bad omen or nightmares. However, students at the LA cluster of schools in Accra, the nation’s capital, spend the most of their days around corpses.

Located in the center of the school’s grounds is an ancient cemetery that dates back nearly a century. The late Sergeant Adjetey’s body is thought to be kept there, along with the bodies of a few notable members of the Bethel Congregation, a La Presbyterian congregation.

However, students from the La cluster of schools now live permanently amongst the graves. They dine, play, and even unwind on these abandoned graves.

“This place is spooky in the early mornings, making me feel like I’m being watched by ghosts. That’s why I intentionally arrive at school late.” Said Reuben Ako, a pupil from La Salem JHS school. Another pupil of the la Enobal JHS, Elizabeth Quaye also added” We don’t feel comfortable when the cemeteries are there, sometimes they tell us to go and sweep there…we don’t feel comfortable there.”

We don’t feel at ease. We occasionally don’t have enough room to add it when we participate in sports. John Quaye, a student at La Enobal Basic School, said.

However, these pupils are probably exposed to other types of contamination without even realizing it. Studies reveal that a burial site’s high concentration of microorganisms, such as fecal coliforms, raises the possibility of contamination.

Food vendors have set up shop a short distance away from these tombs, and some students are using the graveyard as an eating location.

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Addressing GHOne TV, as the school currently lacks both a cafeteria and a canteen, Janet Adoley Addo, a food vendor on the school grounds, recommended that authorities remove the space and turn it into one of these spaces.

Abigail Adjei, another food vendor, stated that the location is unhygienic since kids use it frequently, which could lead to a disease outbreak.

Speaking with a few people who live in the neighborhood that houses the La Cluster of schools, they gave an update on the cemetery’s condition as of late. As per their assertions in the past, a barrier encircled the cemetery to guarantee its security.

But the fence ended up drawing criminal activity to the neighborhood. At night, thieves would prey on pedestrians, putting women at risk of attack and injury. Authorities decided to remove the fence in order to guarantee everyone’s safety in light of these occurrences.

The La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly bears responsibility for the abandoned graveyard, notwithstanding the citizens’ accusations to the contrary, according to the Presbyterian church.

Both organizations declined to speak on camera at the time this article was filed, but LADMA is also blaming the church directly.

However, pupils in the LA cluster of schools are still in danger as the blame game goes on.

Watch the video below;

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