ATTC Students Under Threat of Suspension after Appearing in Music Video Wearing School Uniforms

Concerns have been raised in the institution as a result of a controversy at the Accra Technical Training Centre involving a number of students.

These pupils, who are well-known for their outstanding dance moves that once went viral on school property, now risk suspension due to their involvement in a music video created by Ghanaian Afrobeatz superstar OliveTheBoy.

They appeared in the video wearing their school uniforms, which has caused uproar.

The pupils, who previously performed a dance routine inside the walls of their school to the song “Apotheke” by Ghanaian dancehall artist Stonebwoy, acquired notoriety for their dancing abilities. This time, they performed outside the school. They appeared in OliveTheBoy’s most recent music video, “Goodsin,” which has “explicit” themes and focuses mostly on šëxüål relationships, a big cry from the innocent image they had previously presented.

The pupils’ involvement in the contentious film drew an immediate response from the school administration, who also voiced their unhappiness. They have opened an investigation into the students’ decision to participate in the play outside of the school’s boundaries while still wearing their uniforms, which is against the rules and regulations of the institution.

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The school community is divided as a result of the video, which soon went viral on social media. Others contend that the students’ actions have damaged the institution’s reputation, while some claim that they have the right to follow their interests outside of school.

The controversy has also sparked debates regarding parents’ and teachers’ obligations to watch over and direct their children’s extracurricular activities. Many are speculating as to whether the pupils were properly supervised and guided regarding their involvement in such a movie.

The management of the school is currently looking into the situation and debating possible sanctions, such as suspending the involved kids. The difficulties educators encounter in striking a balance between encouraging students’ creativity and respecting the institution’s ideals and standards are brought to light by this incident.

The students are thrust into the spotlight as the inquiry progresses for the wrong reasons, and their future are in jeopardy while the school determines the best course of action.

Watch the video below;

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