National Teaching Council Issues Warning to 2023 GTLE Candidates

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has issued a timely warning to the general public about the dishonest tactics used by those claiming to be able to help people pass the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE).

The NTC, which is Ghana’s statutory authority in charge of licensing and regulating teachers, strongly condemns these unethical practices that aim to take advantage of prospective teachers. These dishonest people cunningly take advantage of the hopes and dreams of aspiring teachers by promising fake guarantees of exam success in exchange for payment.

The NTC implores the public to promptly report any encounters with these dishonest people to the local authorities, notably the Police, in light of this significant issue. NTC can work together to put a stop to these nefarious acts and guarantee a fair and transparent assessment process for all participants by swiftly reporting these crooks.

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It is essential to stress that only by meticulous study, comprehensive planning, and sincere dedication to the teaching profession can one succeed in the GTLE. All prospective teachers are highly encouraged by the NTC to rely on their own efforts and the approved study materials that the council has provided.

These materials have been created with the express purpose of supplying and empowering applicants with the information and abilities they need to perform well in the examination.

The NTC is still dedicated to maintaining the GTLE’s legitimacy and integrity. To stop any improper help or wrongdoing during the exam sessions, precautions are constantly being taken.To ensure that everyone has a fair chance to compete, strict standards are in place to identify and address any type of wrongdoing.

The NTC is unwavering in its commitment to upholding the integrity of the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination and safeguarding the interests of aspiring teachers.

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