Lecturer assaults student for refusing to switch off his phone during lectures [video]

Social media went wild when a video of an unidentified OAU lecturer hitting a student appeared.

@blackfola1 shared the footage on Twitter in an attempt to bring the student’s case to justice.

Based on details provided by the victim’s sister, the student mistakenly entered the lecturer’s class believing it to be his own.

Voices in the video, however, indicate that the man was requesting that the student turn off his phone, but the student refused and questioned what he had done prior to the professor pouncing on him.

Many Nigerians have denounced this behaviour, describing it as oppressive behaviour on the part of the lecturer and also a wrong approach.

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Check out some of the reactions below:

@EcheXCVI said: If na me the man blow like that, boxing match don start automatically be that…

@SonofUdomm wrote: E say na “you can’t be more than me” mtchewww

@Nithsmit asked: They need to arrest the lecturer for assault. Why are the students quiet ? When you all can come out to protest his dismissal. Will he fail all of you? Why are you all quiet ? Tomorrow it might be your turn

@iamajayieniola wrote: Some lectures just like trouble sha. You get paid to lecture and grade and not to check my dressing.

@obazeefelix said: Proper misuse of power

Watch the video below;

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