How to send disappearing voice notes on WhatsApp

WhatsApp now offers audio communications as part of its “View Once” function, in addition to the ability to send and receive disappearing media. For the sake of privacy, you can use this to transmit disappearing voice notes.

During voice note delivery, a “one-time” icon will now be accessible. Just like disappearing photographs and videos, you will need to pick it each time you wish to send a disappearing voice note. When you allow this, when they are listened to, the voice notes will vanish.

WhatsApp boosts voice message privacy with new features

This will help you converse with others more privately in case the voice messages are secretive. As is the case with WhatsApp, disappearing voice messages are end-to-end encrypted. However, WhatsApp warns that people can still use “other” ways to intercept voice messages. For instance, if the receiver has an Android phone, the native screen recorder functionality can be used to record the audio messages. So, it’s best to send these messages to someone trustworthy!

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View Once voice messages cannot be heard again once they are sent, and the “read receipts” option must be activated in order to determine whether the recipient has accessed it. It is also disclosed that voice messages that vanish will be accessible for 14 days (assuming they haven’t been opened), after which they would vanish for ever.

You can still report the disappearing voice notes and even media if you think they are improper, even though you won’t be able to forward, save, star, or share them. If these mails are still unopened while the backup is being performed, they can also be backed up.

How to send disappearing voice notes on WhatsApp

In the upcoming days, WhatsApp will begin to offer View Once voice messages worldwide. You may verify if you have the functionality by updating WhatsApp and starting to send voice notes, which will now have a timer indicator next to them. I was able to use the feature on iOS (see the screenshot above).

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