How to apply for Vodafone Ready cash loan

Have you heard about Vodafone’s “Ready Cash Loan“? Did you know that Vodafone Cash is a platform via which you can apply for this loan?

Let’s get started with the Vodafone cash loan now. Majority of users are oblivious to the fact that Vodafone provides loans to its wallet subscribers. The name of this loan is Ready Cash Loan.

A short-term microloan, the Ready Cash loan is available to current, devoted Vodafone customers who meet the eligibility requirements based on their network usage. Vodafone states that in order to be eligible for this promotion, you must be a very frequent and devoted Voda Cash user as well as a GSM network user.

Someone may question, ‘Are there any charges for applying for Vodafone Ready Cash?’ Yes, is the response to this query. Vodafone Ghana claims that there is a set monthly interest rate associated with the lending service.

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The consumer is given the entire amount that must be repaid before or on the due date after this fee is added to the loan amount. A default penalty of 12.5% is assessed if the deadline passes.

How to request for Vodafone Ready loan

1. Kindly dial *110#

2. Select option 5 ‘financial’

3. Select option 3 ‘loan’

4. Select option 1 ‘Ready loan’

5. Select option 2 ‘Ready loan Request’

6. Select option 1 to continue

7. Enter PIN to confirm the transaction after reading the terms and conditions.

8. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

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