How to check or change your MTN MoMo next of kin

Were you aware that your MTN MoMo account has a Next of Kin listed? If the answer is no, don’t worry; we’ll show you how to quickly and stress-free check or modify your MoMo Next of Kin.

Numerous MTN MoMo customers admitted that they are unaware of whom is in their wallet as their Next of Kin in an interview with When you first register for the wallet, the MoMo Next of Kin details are typically added to your wallet.

You must take the actions listed below in order to find out who has been added to your wallet as Next of Kin.

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How to check your MTN MoMo Next of Kin

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select option 6 for My Wallet.
  3. Select # for next.
  4. Select option 10 for Name & Next of Kin.
  5. Your Next of Kin details will be displayed.

How to change your Next of Kin on MTN MoMo

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select option 6 for My Wallet
  3. Select # for next
  4. Select option 10 for Name & Next of Kin
  5. Select 1 option for change Next of Kin
  6. You will now follow the prompt to make changes.

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