8 Ways To Know Whether Police Have Tapped Your Phone

Have you ever had your phone tampered with? Interested in learning how to determine whether the cops have tapped your phone? We’ll go into more detail as we go through this topic on how security agencies achieve this and why it’s vital.

We discovered that contemporary technology has made it simple for anyone—not just spies and government organizations—to intercept your private messages and snoop on you without your consent. Thankfully, there are ways to identify whether you are being watched.

How To Know Whether Police Have Tapped Your Phone

When phone tapping involves access to your text messages, phone calls, images, emails, videos, even your browsing history and GPS position, it actually makes you more vulnerable than you should be.

But, we’ve put up a list of actions to follow to determine whether or not the cops have tapped your phone.

  • Monitor your phone battery life
  • Take note of your phone battery temperature
  • Stay alert for strange phone activities
  • Coded messages should not be left out
  • Background noise
  • Unusual transmissions and interference
  • A serving area interface and a wiretap detection service.

STEP 1: Monitor your phone battery life

Keeping track of your battery life is one of the easiest methods to determine if your phone is being tapped. When using your phone, you should be aware that if the battery begins to heat up, this means that the phone is carrying out some demanding tasks, which will cause the battery’s power to deplete quickly. The battery is however depleted when the phone transmits voice or text data to the bug’s origin or when the microphone is remotely activated. If your battery life suddenly decreases drastically from what it was, this is a clue that you are being watched. Even after purchasing a new battery, the cops may still tap your phone.

STEP 2: Take note of your phone battery temperature

Constantly monitoring your phone’s temperature is another approach to spot unexpected phone tapping. Remember that your phone’s battery warms up when it’s being used, so if you see any symptoms of an increase in battery temperature after not using your phone and it feels warm to the touch, it’s likely that someone has been secretly tapping your phone.

STEP 3: Coded messages should not be left out

As we steadily advance to the third stage on how to identify if police have tapped your phone, we hope you are keeping these suggestions in mind. The third step now involves keeping an eye out for encoded text messages on your phone. If you receive a text message that appears to be data coding—that is, it contains numbers and symbols rather than words—it may be a sign that someone else is trying to send data to you inadvertently, in which case you could be under surveillance. When not in use, remove the battery from your phone instead of simply turning it off if you want to ensure the privacy of your calls and texts. Another crucial piece of advice is to cling onto this one, but not for long.

STEP 4: Stay alert for strange phone activities

You must be shrewd to be able to recognise and keep an eye on unusual activities on your mobile phone in order to catch a phone intruder. This is quite easy to perform if you detect indicators such as your phone starting up suddenly without your intervention, turning on and off by itself, or being difficult to shut down or not shutting down at all. Security organisations or even cybercriminals could utilise it without authorization.

Step 5: Background noise

The fascinating part of the tactics is that you need to listen and pay attention to the background noise that occasionally appears when you are on a conversation. It might sound absurd. Line or transmission interference, as well as equipment employed by someone tapping and listening to your talks, may be the cause of these alleged clicking sounds or echo’s static. Even though only a negligent police officer or hacker would make such a humorous error, most of them make sure it doesn’t. Therefore, it’s somewhat uncommon.

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STEP 6: Inspect your phone bill

Check your phone billing activities once a month to see if there has been an increase in text or data transmission. A high frequency of these transmissions just highlights any strange activity that would suggest someone else is utilising them covertly.

STEP 7: Watch nearby electronic equipment

Transmissions from phones frequently obstruct the signals of other phones, computers, radios, and televisions. But if you experience electromagnetic interference even when not using your phone, this could mean that someone else is using it.

STEP 8: Hire a company to perform a wiretap detection

We’ve learned that several businesses provide this kind of service, but they often only take up gadgets that are being used on your property. Nonetheless, this is still a crucial tool to determine whether the police or someone else has tapped your phone.

How Do Police Get into Your Mobile Phone? Why Do They Do It?

Smartphones are frequently difficult for police or a group of detective agencies to obtain when they need to utilise them as evidence in a case. The majority of current gadgets use passcodes or biometric identification to encrypt their data, even if they have permission to search a suspect’s phone.

In many nations, law police will break into a phone using sophisticated equipment created by private spy firms. In essence, these tools allow law enforcement organisations to scan installed apps and frequently their data, browser- and location history, social media, and many other information.

UFED, or Universal Forensic Extraction Device, is used once a target phone is connected to specialised tools like Grayshift or CCellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform.

Theoretically, this device can collect data from the phone and SIM card while circumventing patterns and passwords on various iPhone models. This depends on the model, the iOS version, and the encryption level that is in effect at the time. Everyone is aware of an iPhone’s vulnerability.

The authorities will next use the information that was extracted to continue their investigation. This gadget has software that makes it simple to browse the extracted data.

NOTE: You should be aware that there are a number of additional methods the police can use to spy on your phone in addition to this one. Most of these methods might not even be disclosed in order to conceal the most effective agent tactics.

Code To Determine Whether Police Have Tampered with The Phone

Fortunately, there are some special codes you may dial on your smartphone to find out whether someone has tapped into your phone. The codes and the services they offer are listed below. (*#21# and *#62#)

You can learn where your calls and messages are being forwarded by those keeping tabs on your activity by using the code *#62#.

Find out more about the other code, *#21#, which can only be used to see if your calls and messages are ever diverted.


In conclusion, we spoke about how our phones can be tapped and we showed you how to tell whether your phone has been a victim. If you happen to be unclear about how your phone is tapped, you can read the content again in the interim. Please be aware that occasionally you may not be able to identify if your phone has been tapped by the police using the aforementioned codes, and that this is most likely to happen if the agencies watching over your activities are reputable ones. This indicates that they might possess very sophisticated equipment that would be difficult to identify using a regular code.

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