The Meaning of *#21# and How It Works

Are you trying to find out what *#21# means and how it works? Please stop your search if the response is affirmative. We just published a piece on a code to detect phone tapping. But it’s sad that you were unable to view the post. What if you did? You will be aware of the function of the *#21# code.

The secret code *#21# can be used to monitor calls and determine whether a phone has been tapped. You can cancel your phone code once it has been hacked or is being tracked by someone by dialling *#12#.

On Android, iOS, iPhone, and other devices, this code runs flawlessly. It’s actually not phone-specific, so you may use it to check to see if any of your phone has been bugged.

*#21# iPhone & Android code

Yet, iPhones are quite durable. But when it comes to technology, nothing is impossibly difficult. Thus, if you see odd iPhone activity. Example: During a phone call, various background noises.

Unknown apps automatically installing.

Moreover, call forwarding

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To find out if your phone has been bugged, dial *#21#. If so, it will end it right away.

The Meaning of *#21# and How It Works

The great thing about this *#21# is that it functions flawlessly anywhere. British, Australian, American, South African, etc.

Exactly as I mentioned previously, you may use this code to stop call forwarding as well as to see if your phone has been tapped. Check here to know if your phone has been tapped.

If someone were to insert the code into your phone to listen to another caller, they would probably be keeping an eye on all of your incoming calls. You can check the status of it and even cancel it by using the code *#21#.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to dial this number periodically to stop any call forwarding or monitoring.

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