How to remove KA Technologies’ logo from the TM1 laptop and replace it with Windows logo [VIDEO]

Today’s article seeks to help you on how to modify your Teacher Mate 1 laptop (TM1 laptop) without any difficulties. Removing the KA Technologies logo from your TM1 laptop and replacing it with the Windows logo shouldn’t take more than three (3) minutes.

The TM1 Laptop: What is it?

The Teachers Mate One laptop, offered by KA Technologies, is known as the TM1. This is a personalized laptop that is made available to teachers in public primary and secondary schools. This was an agreement reached between the Ghanaian government, through the Ghana Education Service (GES), and public-school teachers, through a number of teacher unions such as GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT-GH, Innovative Teachers, etc.

The main goal of providing these to teachers was to raise the standard of instruction. A Ghanaian private limited liability business named KA Technologies is thought to have produced or perhaps even branded the computers. There is a KA Technologies logo on the boot screen because it is a branded laptop. But as I stated early on, this article will guide you on how to do away with the business logo and replace it with the windows logo within some few minutes. I hope you find this article useful. In my next article, I will also guide you on how to customize it with your own designed logo on any laptop or computer.

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How to take the KA Technologies logo from the TM1 laptop

  • Turn the TM1 laptop off first.
  • Restart the device and start repeatedly pressing the Esc key on the keyboard.
  • The BIOS setup environment will be displayed by the machine. The right arrow key on the keyboard can be used to move to the BOOT menu while you are in the BIOS configuration window.
  • The “Quite Boot” can be highlighted in the boot menu by pressing the down arrow key.
  • Choose “Disabled” from the menu of choices that appears.
  • Now, on the keyboard, press the Enter or Return key.
  • To return to the Save & Exit menu, press the right arrow key on the keyboard once more.
  • Save Changes and Reset can be highlighted using the down arrow key.
  • To save the settings, press the Enter or Return key now on the keyboard.

Watch the below if you weren’t able to follow the steps or you didn’t understand clearly.

Video credit: Home made electronics

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