How to detect if you are being recorded during a phone call

It is a grave violation of your private rights when someone on the other end of the call records you. The improper use of call recording against you could have an effect on your personal or professional life. It is really hard to trust people in today’s environment. It is possible for someone you thought was a trustworthy coworker or friend to turn out to be a liar. Certain information you may have provided could end up in the wrong hands and affect your relationships with people, your career, etc.

It is crucial to ascertain whether your call is being recorded for the following reasons. These pointers will help you determine whether your call is being recorded.

How to detect if you are being recorded during a phone call

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  • A beeping noise may serve as a clue

The majority of mobile phone makers have included a regular beeping sound in their devices’ call recording features. As a result, once the other person begins recording their discussion, the person on the other end will hear a recurrent beeping sound, usually every few seconds. However, this might not always be the case and not operate with all phones, particularly those that record calls via third-party apps.

  • Loud beep at beginning of call

Usually, in some rare cases when a phone call is being recorded by the person on the other line, you can hear a loud beeping sound which you can easily decipher from other sounds in the background. This is usually applicable to our ‘yam phones’. And this may again not entirely be the situation since someone may accidentally press a key while talking to you on a phone which can produce a similar sound.

  • Unusual call quality or delay

Another tip is that the person on the phone call with you will speak less and expect you to do more of the talking. Be mindful when someone you don’t have a good relationship with calls and allow you to do the majority of the talking.

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