How to recover deleted messages on whatsapp

What should you do if a crucial WhatsApp communication gets accidentally deleted? This post will demonstrate tried-and-true methods for recovering deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android devices without a backup.

You can first recover WhatsApp from Google Drive to Android or from iCloud to iPhone when messages are lost on your device. Many users, however, might never maintain a backup and may be unable to build or recover WhatsApp from Google Drive.

Actually, you can handle WhatsApp chat recovery without a backup if you use the tools and adhere to the methods. In this guide, let’s go over these alternatives in great detail.

How to recover deleted messages on whatsapp
How to recover deleted messages on whatsapp

Before continuing, take note that deleted messages will be erased from any backups you make after backing up your archive. The messages won’t be able to be recovered after that. Thus, be sure to immediately stop any automated backups and refrain from manually backing up anything if you have erased a message that you need to retrieve.

How to get your Android phone’s deleted WhatsApp messages back

  • Reinstall WhatsApp after first deleting it from your phone.
  • You will need to set up your phone number again and confirm the number. If you have two-step authentication set up with the prior installation, you must also be prepared with your two-step authentication number.
  • If a backup has been found on Google Drive, it will let you know after you have validated your phone number. It will ask you to restore it if it has. Keep in mind that if you choose SKIP, you won’t be able to recover from Google Drive without first uninstalling and then reinstalling. But, if you want to restore from a local backup, choose SKIP.
  • Now your phone will download and restore your backup.
  • Your display name and two-factor authentication code must be entered once more after the backup is finished. Your messages will then show up on the screen.

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Restoring from a local backup

Here is how to restore your WhatsApp archive if you have backed it up to your device’s local storage or an SD card.

  • To gain access to the internal storage on your phone, use a file manager like Google Files.
  • Search for the WhatsApp folder.
  • Locate the folder and then select Databases.
  • The most current file in that folder is probably the one you want to restore; rename it to the earlier file. That would be msgstore.db.crypt14 in this instance to msgstore BACKUP.db.crypt14.
  • Reinstall WhatsApp after it has been uninstalled, then go through the initial setup once more.
  • Since there is no Google Drive backup to detect when restoring a backup, it will instead identify the local storage version.
  • Choose Restore.

How to get your iPhone’s erased messages back

The only way is through an iCloud backup because an iPhone doesn’t support SD cards or restoring from local storage. This considerably simplifies the procedure in many ways.

It works the same way that Google Drive is used to restore an Android phone. On the iPhone, uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp. Reset and confirm your phone number. When you choose Restore, it will find your iCloud backup and let you reset everything.

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