How to password-protect a Word document

Because the programme itself comes with a free password function, protecting a Microsoft Word document with a password is simple. By doing this, each time the document is opened, the user is prompted to enter the password. will demonstrate how to safeguard your Microsoft Word document using a built-in Word function in this tutorial. If you choose, you can later remove the password protection to make your document unprotected.

Using a password to secure a Word document

  • Open the Word document that you want to protect.
  • Click on File.
  • Select Info > Protect Document.
  • Click Encrypt with Password.
  • Enter a password into the field and select OK.
  • Make a second entry using the password you just established. This is done to make sure that you are setting a password that you are familiar with and that you did not spell it incorrectly the first time. Click OK.
  • As usual, save your document.

You must now enter your password in order to access the Microsoft Word document.

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How to remove a password from word documents

Anytime you wish, you can modify or erase the password, but you’ll need access to the file to do so.

  • Open the Word doc as usual and click File.
  • Click Info > Protect Document.
  • Click Encrypt with Password.
  • Delete the hidden characters in the text field and click OK to remove the password from the Word document.

How to Proceed If You Forgot Your Word Document Password

There is still a way to access the information inside your Word document even if you forget the password and can’t find the note you made when you first created it.

You need to utilise a brute-force password recovery application to unlock password-protected Word documents. Several of these products are malware-filled, cost money to use, and are no longer functional as a result of Microsoft’s improved security.

The Password Find Website is a good free alternative because it can unlock protected files straight on the site without the need to install any dubious software. In addition, the unlocking procedure is free and simple to use.

  • Go to this page on the Password Find website with your favourite web browser.
  • To view a password-protected Word document, click Browse and then choose the file.
  • Then select Next.
  • Choose Next step by clicking the bullet next to Remove password.
  • The procedure is finished after a while, and you are given the choice of downloading the password-free document or viewing it online as a Google Doc.

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