Fire service officials trapped under a building after putting out the fire

A cataclysmic viral video has emerged showing officials of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) trapped under a building in which fire gutted and they went there to put the fire out.

In the forty-two seconds footage of the devastating incident, it can be seen that the firefighters were on the top floor of the three story building doing their usual routine checks on how the fire broke out after putting out the fire, and the building collapsed on them.

Bystanders who were present at the scene were seen in the video shouting woefully.

The video was posted by @__fadden on the microblogging platform, X, formerly known as twitter. Users of the platform reacted swiftly to the video with some of them expressing their outrage.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Fire service officials trapped under a building after putting out the fire

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@Jac6988 stated: “When we talk peh, they will supply Ghana police with water to come and spray us during demo. Hope they got out safe…”

@almost6ftvc quizzed: “Ghana Black Stars have a bigger budget than these guys. Is Ghana a real country? No”

@Roc_kenzy wrote: “It still baffle me how God created man but there’s vast difference between them, one find it difficult to contain life always suffering while the other make use of his brain and any object close to him to bring relief to mankind”

@BwoyGud suggested: “Joining the fire service of Ghana is more like a suicide thing. These guys needs cranes for these kind of works.”

@marvelme22 stated: “Gnfs needs to be well equipped. This is very bad. All the equipments goes to the Gh Police every year. Why?!”

Watch the video below;

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