Father beats son to stupor for choosing football over “Mankaranta”

A boy was beaten to stupor by his father for playing football instead of going to “Mankaranta.”

The Teenage boy from Ghana was hauled off a playing field by his father, who then beat him till he passed out. The boy is now being treated in a hospital.

According to an eyewitness, Alhassan Abdul-Rauf is a talented and youthful under-13 soccer player that plays for Soccer Heroes Fc in Bole, Savannah region, Northern Ghana.

According to reports, the incident took place on August 13, 2023, at Kurabaso Park in Bole, during a league match between his team Bole Soccer Heroes fc and Bole Peace fc.

When Abdul-Rauf’s father urged him to stop playing in the middle of the football game, the youngster complied. However, the father then started slapping, beating, lifting, and throwing the young player to the ground, according to the eye witness.

The boy was quickly rescued by onlookers, but his enraged father continued to beat the child, who eventually passed out.

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The father allegedly repeatedly insisted that he had every right to correct his son and that nobody should dare stop him from hitting the young footballer while doing so.

Even the presence of certain senior citizens and Chiefs was insufficient to stop him.

The youngster was subsequently rushed unconscious to the Bole District hospital, where the on-duty nurses treated him right away.

Alhassan Abdul-Rauf, the young player, said after regaining consciousness that all that had happened was a result of his father’s desire for him to attend “Mankaranta” rather than play football.

He continued by saying that one day, he hopes to play professional football and possibly represent Ghana abroad.

The Bole District football community is honoring this young player and hoping that the Ghana Football Association and human rights organizations take up this cause.

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