Aggrieved Deputy Directors of Education kick against new GES service scheme

The Coalition of Aggrieved Teachers on the Rank of Deputy Director is resisting the recently drafted scheme of service, which aims to restrict teachers’ ability to advance in their careers.

This is in response to a new policy that the Ghana Education Service proposed, which would only permit promotions for teachers based on open positions.

The association claims that while limiting the career advancement of qualified teachers, the ban on promotion to the two highest ranks for the teaching class in Senior High schools has led to stagnation.

The disgruntled teachers are demanding that the unfavorable provisions in the Ghana Education Service’s recently revised service agreement be removed.

In the recently created Ghana Education Service scheme of service, the following are the specified ranks for the teaching class in Senior High Schools: Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director I, Assistant Director II, Deputy Director, Director I, and Director II.

According to the draft, the application process for Director I and Director II positions depends on the number of openings. This implies that eligible executives cannot be promoted to Headship or Directorship until these two positions become vacant.

Speaking to JoyNews, Newell Anokye Abrefa, who is the convener of the group said, “The availability of vacancy clause in the scheme of service has caused and continues to cause stagnation of many teachers on the rank of Deputy Director.”

“We were hoping that a new scheme of service would address the cancer of stagnation that prevailed in the previous one but rather, it has resurfaced again in grand style,” he added.

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The group also expressed their displeasure with clauses of the scheme allowing non-teachers from the public sector with five years experience to compete with long-standing teachers for director positions and heads of schools.

“People who have served in public sector organizations in top management for five years can be brought into GES to occupy the ranks of Director II and Director I. This means that persons who are not professional teachers can be made Directors of Education and Heads of Schools. Where is this done?”, he asked.

The Coalition of Aggrieved Teachers on the Rank of Deputy Director is urging the Ghana Education Service and Teacher Unions to rectify the anomalies.

“The availability of vacancy clause must be expunged immediately so that teachers who have served the mandatory years on the current rank and are eligible for promotion to the next rank can be promoted whether vacancies exist or not.

“The four-year interval for progression from Deputy Director to Director II and beyond should not affect those already on the rank of Deputy Director. Ranks of Director II and Director I should be preserved for only professional teachers,” he said.

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