Bride shows up at school wearing her wedding attire to take her final exam

Before leaving for her wedding ceremony, the bride makes a scene by storming her school while wearing her bridal gown to take her last exam.

For whatever reason, a bride’s exam date and wedding date were scheduled for the same day, leaving her with little choice but to attend both.

The bride was seen walking to the exam room in a social media video while wearing her flowing white gown.

The strange sight startled the students, so they all pulled out their phones to take pictures of her.

Social media users reacted massively to the video.

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Read some of the comments below:

Havillah 💖💖💖 said: “Why she go fix wedding on her finals”

Adukeh11 said: “I guess they have fixed the wedding date before the school exam”

SlimJoe said: “she run two projects in just one day… (Wedding and Final Exam). Success is your reward jare”

Symplykylie said: “Wetin I wan ask now her lecturer allow her write exam with that uniform?”

Obim said: “She fit even use the gown carry EXPO😅😅

Watch the video below:

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