Beware: New strategy employed by scammers to trick MoMo Agents [video]

Mobile Money (MoMo) is a Financial service which can be accessed on the phone and offers services like sending and receiving money, bill payment, international money remittance services as well as Loans and savings at the comfort of your mobile phone.

Over 5 million people use MoMo. MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) is simple and safe to use, with no monthly fees to worry about! It’s available for everyone, on any Ghana cellphone number.

The short code for transacting on MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) is *170#.

In recent times, the mobile money (MoMo) industry has become a prime target for scammers employing sophisticated tactics to defraud both customers and agents. While numerous security measures have been put in place to safeguard against such schemes, scammers continually evolve their strategies, adapting to circumvent existing protections. One of the latest ploys involves a manipulative approach specifically aimed at MoMo agents, exploiting their trust and familiarity within the system.

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In a video released by @GhanaCrimes on their official page on the microblogging website, X, formerly known as Twitter, a woman believed to be a MoMo agent recounted how she escaped the new strategy employed by fraudsters.

Detailing the new strategy she said, ” a man came to me to send the sum of ghc 5000 to someone in Nigeria. He then told me to wait for him to call the receiver to see if he or she will answer his call before I proceed with the transaction, but the receiver didn’t answer the call. He then told me to send the money to receiver anyway but insisted I showed him the name of the receiver as confirmation. After showing him the name of the receiver, he hopped on his bike and zoomed off. I counted the money after he had left and I realized that the money isn’t up to ghc5,000. The first note is ghc50 while the rest are ghc1 notes. I had not approved the transaction with my PIN code and now it is here with me” She said.

When asked if she didn’t count the money initially, she said, “I counted the money initially and they were only ghc50 notes which was up to the ghc5,000, but he collected it back when he called the receiver and he or she wasn’t answering. I believe he changed it when he collected it. 

Watch the video below;

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