Benkum SHS séx scandal causes a wave of teacher transfers

Due to alleged séxual misconduct at the school, Emmanuel Nyarko, the headmaster of Benkum Senior High School (SHS), is being held accountable.

After being transferred, teachers who were suspected of having séx with pupils have continued to accuse the headmaster of being involved in such interactions.

In an effort to allay parents’ worries, Mr. Nyarko has been very busy attending fact-finding sessions at the District and Regional Education departments regarding the charges of séxual misconduct. broke the story in September 2022 about a leaked séx tape including some of the school’s staff and pupils, exposing a toxic environment.

Following the claims, some of the teachers involved were transferred. Some of the impacted people were unhappy with this development and attempted to exact revenge on the headmaster.

Former English teacher Emmanuel Mensah, who had leaked the p0rn0graphic video, went before a Regional Education Committee to address the accusations before leaving the institution. Along with Mr. Mensah, seven other teachers—Isaac Banieh, Anim Owusu, Augustine Nartey, Bright Osei Boateng, Michael Yirenkyi, a member of the kitchen staff by the name of Martha, and a driver by the name of Mike—have also been transferred.

This measure was allegedly taken to get rid of people who either knew about the séxual misconduct or were the alleged perpetrators. According to sources, the school was in a gloomy mood at the time this article was written.

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Teachers and students seemed discouraged, and a huge group of alumni gathered to find out what was happening. Staff members could be seen conversing about the subject in groups or paying close attention to others. The Assistant Headmaster, Mr. Nyarko, confirmed that the headmaster was not there.

Students appeared noticeably impacted even though teaching and learning had been going on since Tuesday, May 23, in the morning, the team was able to secure an audio of an unnamed parent explaining her daughter’s ordeal.

Authorities from the Ghana Education Service (GES) at the district and regional levels have intervened to look into the situation. According to sources, despite all of the teachers who were directly or indirectly involved in the séx scandal being transferred, the headmaster himself refused the transfer and is still employed at the school, albeit with a transfer letter.

A female student petitioned the GES to transfer all the participating teachers in order to maintain a secure and honorable educational atmosphere because their behavior was damaging the school’s reputation.

She was aware of reports of this harassment but asserted that she had never personally been the victim of sexual impropriety by male lecturers.

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