Actor films a scene in a coffin but never wakes up

An actor from Nigeria who has not yet been named has not woken up from filming a scene in a coffin. In a scene from the film, which was filmed in Lagos, Badagary, Nigeria, the unidentified actor was supposed to be dead and sleeping in a coffin. 

To make the movie appear authentic, the actor is seen in the widely shared photo resting in a casket while donning a white long sleeve shirt. Unfortunately, once the scene in which he lay in the casket ended, the actor did not awaken.

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According to what has been discovered thus far, the actor was not responding when the film’s director approached the coffin following the scene. 

A lot of people on the internet are discussing about this because they are shocked by what happened. We’re keeping an eye on the story in the meanwhile and will inform our devoted readers if anything new comes to light.

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