According to reports, Meta is almost ready to reveal if Trump will be permitted to rejoin Facebook

According to the Financial Times, Meta will soon reveal whether or not former US President Donald Trump will be permitted to rejoin Facebook and Instagram.

According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the social media giant will decide later this month whether to lift Trump’s ban from using its platforms.

After determining that Trump had used his account to promote violence when some of his followers stormed the US Capitol in January 2021, Facebook suspended him.

In June 2021, it affirmed that ban, with a team under the direction of Nick Clegg, who was the vice president for international affairs and communications at the time. They concluded that Trump’s “actions constituted a significant violation of our rules which merit the harshest penalty allowed.”

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According to individuals who spoke to the FT, former UK deputy prime minister Clegg will likely decide whether Trump’s ban should be rescinded. Before shifting his attention to the metaverse when Facebook changed its name to Meta in October 2021, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg had previously made the final decision regarding content moderation. Clegg then assumed a larger position after being elevated to the position of president of global affairs at Meta in February of last year.

Trump will begin his 2024 election campaign after declaring his intention to run for a second non-consecutive term as American president in November 2022, at which point Meta’s likely contentious decision will be made. It had previously stated that it will decide whether to reinstate Trump’s suspension on January 7, 2023, but is now likely to push that decision to later in the month, according to the Financial Times.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter’s new owner, lifted Trump’s ban in November, claiming “the people’s” desire; nevertheless, the former president has not yet joined the service again.

Instead, once Meta and Twitter upheld their suspensions, the former president started Truth Social, a right-wing social media network where he continues to post. Insider asked Meta for a statement, but they did not give one right away.

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