Most selfish moments in the history of football [video]

Have you ever wanted to find out on which footballers are the most selfish? Well, if you have then worry not because this is a video prepared to show some of the most Selfish most in the history of football.

Sometimes in the world of football, you have to be selfish in order to create a name for yourself because players who pass the ball are not usually given full credit for their amazing work, so don’t blame players for being selfish.

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The world of football came with a lot of things right from its activation, things like the celebration, sadness, humility, respect, aggressiveness, selfishness with the ball and a lot of others, but today our major concern will be on the area of being selfish even though you have other 10 team mates with you on the football pitch. Almost every footballer is selfish one way or the other, but some people have made it a habit. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most selfish moments in the history of football.

This video was posted by TeoCri on his official youtube page.

Watch the video below;

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