Biggest Football Rivalries Of All Time

This catalogue consists of football biggest rivalries around the world.

1. El Clásico 

Barcelona Vs Real Madrid

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid has less to do with soccer and more to do with politics. It dates back to the 1900s, and although generations have come and gone, the anger from both sides is still raw.

2. El Súper Clásico

Chivas Vs Club América

El Súper Clásico is another rivalry based on politics and culture. Originally the regional matches in the Mexican Primera Division (which we now call Liga MX) were friendly. They weren’t competitive.

3. The Old Firm Derby

Celtic Vs Rangers

The two teams from Glasgow are the richest and most successful teams in Scotland. The rivalry is connected to bragging rights in Glasgow. Or at least that’s the modern version of events.

4. The North London Derby

Arsenal Vs Tottenham

This rivalry started after WW1, when the owner, Sir Henry Norris, used his power and money to move Arsenal into the First Division of English Football, leaving Tottenham behind.

5. El Superclásico

River Plate Vs Boca Juniors

These are Argentina’s most successful clubs and developed their rivalry through finances and the contrast between their two neighbourhoods in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

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6. Derby Della Madonnina

AC Milan Vs Inter Milan

This rivalry is between the biggest teams in the football-mad Italian city!

7. Der Klassiker

Borussia Dortmund Vs Bayern Munich

The Der Klassiker was created simply through competition. Both are great teams and constantly find themselves matched against each other in the Bundesliga.

8. El Tráfico

LAFC Vs LA Galaxy

El Trafico is new and shows a short story between LAFC and LA Galaxy. Their matches seem to always end unexpectedly, creating feelings of bad luck or jubilation, depending on which side you are on.

9. The Northwest Derby

Liverpool Vs Manchester United

Any match between Liverpool and Manchester will bring in a global crowd as one of the most high-profile games in world football between England’s two most successful teams.

10. The Derby of The Eternal Enemies

Olympiakos Vs Panathinaikos

A dramatic name for these Greek teams. Panathinaikos is a wealthy club while Olympiacos is supported by working-class sports fans. You can expect broken seats and fights in these matches.

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