Teacher who used her savings to pursue pig farming inspires many

Siphelele, a young South African teacher, serves as an inspiration to many young people as she successfully makes the switch from teaching in a classroom to pig farming.

South African native Siphelele Siyaya, 28, has defied expectations by sharing her struggle to pursue her aspirations of being a pig farmer in KwaZulu-Natal.

Teacher who used her savings to pursue pig farming inspires many

The former teacher founded Madlikivane Piggery because she was inspired by her grandmother’s love of pigs and because she wanted to create jobs in her neighborhood.

Siphelelele’s incredible journey has touched many people, and social media users have praised and supported her.

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In her words; “My name is Siphelele “Titi” Siyaya, and I’m 28 years old. I’m a pig farmer 🐖👩🏾‍🌾 and the founder of Madlikivane Piggery🐖🐖, from KwaNongoma in KZN.

Teacher who used her savings to pursue pig farming inspires many

When I started working as a teacher, I saved money to buy land for my pig farm. What motivated me to venture into pig farming is the love I have for pigs❤️🐖🐖, which my maternal grandmother instilled in me when I was younger. I also wanted to create job opportunities in my community🔥. What I can say to young people who are passionate about farming is to make sure they do research 📕on what they would like to venture into, visit as many farms as they possibly can, and engage with other farmers🧑🏿‍🌾👩🏾‍🌾. It will get tough, and there will be challenges along the way🥹, but that won’t mean you should give up. Also, I want to urge other farmers to be open to sharing their experiences with aspiring farmers🫶🏽; this really helped me when I started my pig farming journey. I sell pork, pork wors, and pork sausages. My contact details are (082) 875-6705,” she wrote.

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