S/R: PRO of the Gonjaland Youth Association narrowly escapes ‘assassination’

Muftawu Habibu (Mufti), the Gonjaland Youth Association’s public relations officer, has managed to survive what looks to have been a targeted murder attempt on his life.

At around 10:48 p.m. on May 30th, Muftawu was attacked by an unidentified gunman while he was traveling home.

The attacker set up shop in the area of Dungu, which is some distance from the UDS Tamale Campus.

According to the PRO, who described the incident to, the unidentified gunman on a motorcycle fired shots into his car from a distance but was able to flee.

After slowing down to take the curve, he recalled, “I saw that the person was on a motorbike and I became suspicious when I got to the main junction leading to my house.”

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“I chose to turn off the road, got out of the car, and that’s when I heard a gunshot.

“I sprinted through the underbrush till I reached the Tamale-Kumasi highway. A little while later, I noticed numerous people gathered near my car and many cars parked at the area, so I made the decision to return to the spot.

Mufti claimed that after making a few calls to friends and relatives, they helped him file an official complaint with the Northern Regional Police Command, which has subsequently started an inquiry into the incident.

When word of the incident quickly traveled throughout Gonjaland, the Gonjaland Youth Association and other significant players denounced it and urged the authorities to look into the situation right once.

The attack’s motivation is yet unknown. The incident occurs when Mufti is steadfastly advocating for the reforming of traditional governance in Gonjaland.

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