Bawku: 3 truck drivers shot dead and 4 others severely injured while hauling vegetables to Accra [VIDEO]

According to reports, three drivers who were delivering tomatoes and peppers from Bawku to Accra were shot and killed, and numerous other drivers also received injuries.

Unknown assailants had earlier opened fire on the cargo trucks at a location 20 kilometres outside of the town.

At the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, several of the injured are receiving medical care.

Survivors of the shooting on Tuesday described their ordeal to LuvNews while displaying their bullet-riddled cars.

The shocked drivers claim that when the police refused to give them escort out of the neighbourhood, they made the decision to leave Bawku by car with their perishable products.

These cargo vans, one of which was driven from the Bawku shooting scene to Akomadan and Suame in Kumasi, are proof of what happened on Tuesday.

Aggressive spontaneous firing is evidenced by bullet holes in the automobiles’ windscreens, sides, and backs.

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The freight truck’s 44-year-old driver, Kwaku Karl, survived the attack but lost his 22-year-old son Kofi Karl.

He describes how the two of them laid on their sides on the car’s floor in an effort to flee the onslaught of gunshots.

“We took cover inside the car to avoid getting hurt. While my son’s legs were on top of me, I tucked my head somewhere. He unfortunately received some gunshot wounds and passed away. This is simply how we set ourselves up, he said.

Owner of one of the attacked cargo vehicles, Yakubu Asaripue, expressed his fear following the incident.

“My car leading the team is mine. Even though I made a lot of effort to save them, I unfortunately lost my driver as a result of the tragedy,” he stated.

The event resulted in many gunshot wounds for Haruna Issah.

“As soon as we entered the community, they started chasing us. We were forced to cover behind the car seats when they fired many rounds at us, but even then, my driver couldn’t make it, and my other friend was injured, he told Luv News.

Watch video below;

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