Man who began the 100-hour Cry-A-Thon apparently turns blind

According to reports, a Nigerian man’s strange attempt to break the Guinness World Record by sobbing for 100 hours resulted in him going partially blind.

The Nigerian guy known only as Tembu Ebere revealed in a story published by the Instagram blog Gossipmill that he lost some of his vision while attempting to set the record for the longest weep.

Man who began the 100-hour Cry-A-Thon apparently turns blind

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Speaking with the BBC about his health problems, the man disclosed that while he was trying to cry nonstop for seven days, at one point he temporarily lost his vision and was unable to see anything.

He further disclosed that a 45-minute period of blindness had been followed by concurrent symptoms like headaches, puffy eyes, and bodily pains.

He admitted that he needed to rethink his strategy and tone down his sobbing because it was giving him headaches.

Watch his Cry-A-Thon video;

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