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Women are serial liars and they never stop being deceitful. Men lie too, but just that women tell lies more than men. The women would always call it white lies but a lie is a lie, white, black, blue, purple, orange or whatever color you call it, it’s still a lie.  So, if you think your woman is a saint and would never lie to you, have a second thought my brother. They would give so many reasons why they had to lie but the bottom-line is that they lied. So, lets look at some of the top lies’ women tell men.

1. “I will never change you”

Every woman loves based on the condition that you give her what she really wants. Think about when you are not able to give her what she requests. When a woman tells you she won’t change you, think again man. Do you really accept that as true? Do you really think she sees you as perfect? Let’s say she feels you are perfect at the moment; she would definitely discover loads of other things about you that are not perfect. So, when next you hear say she won’t change you, it simply means she won’t change you at the moment but she would in future.

2. “It’s okay you came quick’’ or “I enjoyed it”

Women pretend a lot when it comes to love making. They can do all the moaning and screaming to make you believe you did the job right, and on top of it all she will tell you that she enjoyed it after everything. Are you really going to believe all that? Fact is, every man has a bad day or moment in bed, but when she tells you it’s okay it simply means it’s not. Don’t feel good with yourself she told you it’s okay, she just doesn’t want to hurt your self-esteem. Don’t be deceived also when she says you the best she ever had, just be okay she chose you.

3. “I don’t care how much you earn’’

She just lied to you. She does, every woman does. She might not want Range Rover car or designer clothes but she wants to be comfortable. Do you think she’d like to be with someone who even can’t afford to buy a sanitary pad for her? She wants to know you can take care of a family. So, the next time she says she doesn’t care how much you earn, she might just be telling you to work harder and earn more. Every woman is interested in her man’s finances; some for the right reasons, others for the wrong reasons.

4. “I have slept with 3 guys all my life”

Women disclosing their actual body counts make them feel like whores. They always want to give you a number that’s reasonable. Are you really gonna believe when they say they have slept with just 3 guys? Please just add 3 to the number. She doesn’t want you thinking she is cheap so she reduces the number, so don’t believe any number she tells you. But the question is why ask her? No point asking because you won’t get the right answer so just ignore the temptation of asking her and love her. The numbers are not important but she loving you is the most important.

5. “I am not jealous”

Did you just believe that? I just hope you didn’t. Women are naturally jealous; she doesn’t want you staring at that hot lady next door or the pretty curved lady down the street. So, the next time you hear that, all she means is she really is jealous and would want you staring at just her. She wants you to see just her and her alone. Don’t get deceived and go flirting with the girl next door. You might not like what you get brother.

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