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Marriage, a union between two different people is a serious theme. There are some qualities you must possess before a man can pop the question. It is something virtually every women desire in relationships; as women infrequently go into relationships for the fun of it. They always want real devotion and ‘forever happily after’. With such highly raised hopes, feelings of nervousness and disillusionment begin to set in when the man in the relationship fails to propose within the expected period of the woman. Women need to understand that men cogitate differently when it comes to marriage. Marriage is dissimilar to an ordinary relationship. It is a long-term affair, or as some would put it, ‘an eternal prison’. So, in finding one’s ‘inmate’, the man takes a lot of factors into consideration. A man wants certain qualities from the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and unless you fall into that border, you stand no chance with him. Probable marital unions have failed and a lot of hearts have been broken basically because the woman didn’t possess the qualities the man wanted. It is so painful to see a duo one reckoned ‘perfect’ go their separate ways when it’s time for them to finally settle down as husband and wife. It is a common trend, and in a bid to remedy it, I carried out a little research amongst myself and few other men I know. Marvelously, it turned out we all want similar qualities from the women we’d like to marry. I narrowed the list, and came up with Five (5). Five qualities you must possess before a man can pop the question, or take you to the altar. I hope you find it noteworthy.


In many parts of the world, especially Africa, there’s a ‘marriage age’ for women. When a woman fails to marry within this anticipated period, pressure sets in, and she begins to lose touch with the fun side of life. At this time, if she’s getting into a relationship, she’s doing it with the sole purpose of getting married, but this is not right. It is not bad to want to get married, however, do not make it your primary reason for getting into a relationship. Hang out with your man, and have fun; pretend you’re not interested in marriage, and you’ll be wowed when he starts talking marriage.


Most men appreciate a woman who’s real. Men can smell a fake woman from a mile away. Most women are so desperate for marriage and they go as far as counterfeiting qualities they do not have. This is wrong; do this, and you’re on your own. Men hate fake, be you. If you have attitude problems, let it show, but be willing to sincerely work on it, after all, no one is perfect but be real. If a man truly loves you, I’m sure he would seek a solution to helping you manage it. But trying to cover it all up and fronting only your good sides will send the wrong signal to him, and the resulting ramification may be hostile. Don’t pretend to be what you are not. We men dig deep if we’re serious about you. Show your real self, and keep nothing hidden. You stand a greater chance with us this way.


Understanding is one of the hearts of any successful relationship. Unless you really understand your man, there is no way you guys can work.  Know him like the back of your hand; know his weaknesses and strengths. When you know his weaknesses, you can understand the way he functions, and his thought patterns. Knowing his strengths gives you room to know where to support him from. You can also show your man support financially. For instance; if he’s broke; I said, BROKE, not a lazy and effortless jerk, and financially you are okay, don’t be parsimonious, help and support him until he is also financially okay. Men worship and treasure women who are there for them during their down times.


One thing men usually don’t like to voice out their worries, but they hate it when a woman depends on them for everything. I mean, if you cannot afford to get such little things for yourself, how can you be any good to him? Marriage is a serious theme and men want to be in it with a hardworking woman; a woman who can show potential, and make an effort to be financially independent, the kind of woman who can support him and the kids. The man is the breadwinner of the home, but that doesn’t mean he should do everything. There are certain things the woman should also do to support the family with. This applies to any serious relationship, men get tired of women who ask them for everything; in fact, men do not value such women. As a woman, you have to be hardworking enough to be able to provide for yourself. Let the man be an added advantage, not your birth place of income.


I know you have been in that relationship for 3, 4, 5 years now, and he’s still yet to pop the question, but please, do not remind him. Don’t go asking him, “honey, when are you gonna visit my parents?” or stuff like that, it’ll only come off as pressure, and men hate to be pressured, and definitely not over marriage. He has been in the relationship with you for that long, and is still there. Stick with him, and go about your normal life. Sometimes, men do not propose when you expect them to. Life is hard, and we want to be adequately prepared before fully bringing you into our lives. You know, provide all the necessities to give you and the future kids a befitting life. So, just relax, stick around and support us; if we love you well enough to be with you for over a year, there is no reason why we won’t want to take it further. Just don’t remind us or show desperation…it isn’t sexy. Except the man is not serious about you then you have no other option than to quit the relationship.

 No man will ignore you, or let you go after realizing that you possess these qualities. Men love to be where there is peace and comfort. Most men assume that a lady with these qualities is most like to provide them with peace, love, and care. Be a lady who possesses these qualities and your man will send you to the altar. I hope this piece was helpful. Thanks for reading, and never forget to subscribe to this blog, bye.



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