Lecturers and authorities must find a solution to the cause of death on FOSCO campus – Aidoo Yaw writes

Even before I was in, I had heard about the deaths problem at Assin Fosu College of Education (FOSCO). There were many concerns about this threat, to the point where it was feared that each year of completion, a student’s life would be lost. I refuted this claim as a myth since I am a socialist, and I must state that I still hold onto my belief. Seniors kept passing away both before and after graduation during the three years I attended our prestigious institution, nevertheless.  Our tragic loss of brilliant, innocent students.

This isn’t merely an attention-getting tactic. I don’t want to imply in any way that the school is to blame for this frightening situation in what I’m trying to say. Even though I’m hesitant to pinpoint the cause, I want to urge everyone in the school who has some form of power to start looking into why student(s) die each and every year. In 2015, two of my close friends passed away. Another lady was called to her maker later after graduation.

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Although they may have had their own illnesses, the alarming rate at which following students from other year groups are passing away warrants further investigation.

Two of the recent graduates have passed away. The first just happened yesterday, and the second was just before graduation.

Who will die next is the question I’ve started asking myself. Not me! Considering that someone who is extremely close to us could be the next, I’m disturbed as I write.

I think it would be a good idea to start keeping track of the names of students who pass away and then cross-referencing them to see if they might have attended the same class, belonged to the same hall or tribe, or something similar. Professors and other authority could start a discussion about this. No one in the community should be excluded. What do you have? Something might be wrong! Something must be done!

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