Latest Changes At The GES Headquarters: Divisions, Units and Directors

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has recently implemented significant changes at its headquarters, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and service delivery. The restructuring involves the creation of new divisions and units to streamline functions and better address educational challenges. Key divisions now include the Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD) Division, Schools & Instructions Division, and Special Education Division. New units such as the Policy Planning and Research Unit and the ICT and Innovation Unit have been established to support data-driven decision-making and technological integration. In leadership, experienced directors have been appointed to head these divisions, ensuring specialized oversight and strategic direction. The overhaul is part of GES’s broader agenda to improve educational outcomes across the country.

Divisions At The GES Headquarters

Currently, there are five (5) Divisions at the GES Headquarters which are:

1. Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD) Division

•Number of Units = 7

• Divisional Director: Miss Angela Frimpomaa Nkansah (Acting)

2. Administration Division

• Number of Units: 4

• Divisional Director: Miss Justina Djabah

3. Finance Division

•Number of Units:  3

•Divisional Director: Mr. Christian Koramoah

4. Schools & Instructions Division

•Number of Units: 8

•Divisional Director: Mr. Prince Charles Agyemang-Duah.

5. Special Education Division

•Number of Units: 7

• Divisional Director: Ms Helena Mensah

Total Number of Units at the GES Headquarters: 29

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Units under each Division At The GES Headquarters


• Postings and Transfers Unit

• Study Leave Unit (formerly known as Staff Dev’t Unit)

• Welfare Unit

• Pensions Unit

• Integrated Personnel Payroll Database (IPPD) Unit

• Registry / Records Unit

• Statistics and Planning Unit


• Information Technology (IT) Unit

• Estates Unit

• Director-General’s Secretariat Unit

• Cleaners & Watchmen Unit

•Divisional Director


•Budget Unit

•Account Unit

•Supply & Logistics Unit


i. Science Education Unit

ii. Guidance & Counseling (G&C) Unit

iii. Culture Unit

iv. School Health Education Programme (SHEP) Unit

v. Girls’ Education Unit

vi. Early Childhood Education Unit 

vii. Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) Unit 

viii. Partnership & Affiliations Unit


i. Inclusive Education Unit

ii. Education for the Visually impaired Unit

iii. Braille Press Unit 

iv. National Assessment and Resource Centre Unit

v. Education for Learning Disability

vi. Education for Intellectual & Development Disability

vii. Education for the Hearing Impaired

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