GNAT sends important information to members of the Fund

In a statement dated July 31, 2023, management of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is informing members of the Fund to pay no attention to false information making waves on the internet.

GNAT has responded to the information alleging that the Fund is granting no new loans to its members and has urged members disregard it.

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Dear All, “It has come to the notice of the Fund Secretariat that representatives of some companies claiming to be serving as intermediaries between the Fund and its members are approaching GNAT/TF members and suggesting the ff:

The Fund is no longer granting new loans to members.

The only avenue for accessing funds from the Fund Secretariat involves refinancing existing loans.

It is better and easier to access a new loan by paying off one’s loan balance with cash.

Members can be assisted to defray their loan balances and obtain new ones from the Fund speedily.

Loan processing at the Teachers’ Fund Secretariat can be fast tracked at a fee of 10% of the amount obtained as loan from the Fund.

The Fund is urging members to disregard such statements and by this communication advising all members to transact any Teachers’ Fund related business through their GNAT District Secretariats or the Teachers’ Fund Secretariat.

For further enquiries, please contact your District GNAT Secretariat or the Teachers’ Fund directly on 0302429888”, it said in the statement.

Check statement below;

GNAT sends important information to members of the Fund


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