GES’s reason for not releasing 2023 school placement this week

There is every indication that the GES will not reveal the 2023 school placement this week, despite the expectation of parents and 2023 BECE graduates. We give you all the justifications for the release of the school placements online, along with the anticipated date.

Reasons for the non-release of the 2023 school placement this week by GES

  • The school placement voucher has not yet been made available to the public by the GES or WAEC. At least three days should pass before the school placement is made available on the market for the placement checkers. Its availability indicates that the location is prepared and about to be made available. All individuals who require the placement checkers can obtain them before the release thanks to the early release. The portal was informed at the time of publication by a deep-seated source that the checkers are not still in place.
  • The website will host the school placements for 2023 so that they can be verified. The URL is one of the two websites overall. The websites are not operational as of the time of posting. When these websites are live and are available to everyone worldwide, it indicates that the GES is prepared to execute the planned publication of the BECE graduates’ 2023 school placement.

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  • The general public is informed by the GES through official social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, about its readiness before the school placement is made public. None of these posts have been made public by the GES as of the time of publication.
  • Lastly, the precise date that the GES will reveal the school placements is always stated. The placements are usually released in the late afternoon or early evening. The GES has not yet released any remarks of this kind.

The likelihood that the GES will announce the school placements this week is slim given the information above.

We accurately forecasted the date of the BECE results’ release prior to its publication. Additionally, we project that the school placement will be disclosed between November 22 and November 26, 2023, and that the GES is more likely to make the school placement checker cards available for purchase on Monday, November 20, 2023.

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