2023 Computerized Schools Selection and Placement System form [Download]

Graduates of the 2023 BECE can choose up to 11 schools that are split into two groups using the Computerized Schools Selection and Placement System form (CSSPS) that has been made public by the GES.

The CSSPS 2023 First Placement School Selection Form must be filled out with the first group of schools. Six schools will be chosen overall using these criteria. After that, that candidate will have to select another 5 schools. The rules for the second set of schools are as follows:

a)Candidates must select ‘5 schools from Appendix “4” (1 Category A school, 2 Category B schools, and at least 2 Category C schools).

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b)Candidates must not repeat a school from the initial six (6) choices on this cluster form.

Keep in mind that your ward’s first choice does not always have to be a Category A school. Schools in category A are not the best in the WASSCE; they are only included in the group because of the high quality of their facilities. Parents should give their ward’s top preference to one of the good schools in category B.


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