Report and update on the caning event at Agona Swedru Methodist ‘B’ JHS

According to the report, the incident occurred last week Wednesday when the said female teacher gave each student two canes after an exercise in the classroom. On the following day, Thursday, the boy came to school healthy and without any issues. On Friday, the boy did not come to school because his mother had just gotten married, which is why he was absent.

According to the report, the youngster’s family went to the school’s headteacher on Sunday night; a day before Monday to inform him that the boy wasn’t feeling well because of the Wednesday canes. Due to the school’s head teacher compassionate temperament, he went directly to the hospital after learning about the youngster and visited him there the same day, Sunday evening.

The doctor felt something was off, so he asked to examine the boy’s body in front of the boy’s family and the nurses who were on duty at the time. After careful inspection, they discovered an old mark on the boy’s back, which the boy’s relatives acknowledged was not a recent mark and was not also created by the teacher.

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The youngster died on Tuesday (the following week), and the family wants to capitalize on his passing. The head acted on the basis of facts as a compassionate human being who comprehends his position. When news that the boy had passed away reached him (the head), he hurried to the hospital and asked to view the boy’s body again to determine whether there was an issue.

After a second, meticulous inspection, it was discovered that the physical body was in perfect condition. The report also asked all sympathizers to disregard rumors that the youngster had vomited blood and had cane markings all over his body. It’s incorrect to say that. They do not reflect the truth. The press reports and social media posts are stirring up controversy and distorting the facts in an effort to alienate the female teacher and the personnel at the targeted school.

The deceased boy’s friends confirmed that he died after falling from a tree when they were playing at school. It is thought that the information the deceased’s friends divulged may have been a contributing factor in his untimely demise.  As the inquiry proceeds, the Agona West Ghana Education Service (GES) directorate, the police, staff, and the family have already met and will do so again today to discuss the next steps.

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