Teacher in Upper West Akim who is blind receives overall best teacher award

Nana Yaw Gustav Borklo, a 48-year-old teacher in the Upper West Akim constituency with visual impairment, won the title of best teacher overall. The Methodist Junior High School was the setting for this event, which was organized by Fredrick Obeng Adom, the representative for the Upper West Akim Constituency.

Nana Yaw Gustav said, “I cannot complete my speech without thanking my beautiful wife for her support and affection all these years.” He dedicates the honor to his “dependable beautiful wife.”

The Honorable Fredrick Obeng encouraged those who were unable to win anything. He pleaded with them to view this as a springboard to greater heights. He also expressed his congratulations to the recipients and asked them to keep up their outstanding job.

“I commend everyone of this year’s winners and challenge them to strive even harder than before. They should not relent on their efforts because I believe service to mankind is certainly service to God.” He added

The gathering, which included luminaries from the entire constituency, was reportedly the second of its sort. The honorable member took office in 2021, which is when this event started.

The total event rewards include 19 flat-screen televisions, a new motorcycle, certificates, cash awards, and accolades. Additionally, among the 40 recipients are outstanding students from the Constituency as well as members of the teaching and non-teaching staff who work in healthcare.



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