Dates That Have Been Proposed For Validation And Payment of Public Sector Employees’ Salaries

We have provided information on suggested dates for Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) salary payments to public sector employees as well as anticipated opening dates for validation windows.

What you need to know

Salary payment days are different from controller payment dates. When Controller pays, the money doesn’t go instantly into your account; instead, it goes to the bank to be loaded before being credited to it.

On January 24, the Controller is anticipated to pay salaries. Accordingly, the validation window will be accessible from January 18 through January 20, 2023.

Because the controller pays or authorizes payment on the 24th, don’t anticipate receiving any alert on that day. This becomes accessible in the accounts of public sector employees at the numerous banks located all across the nation within three (3) days or five (5) working days. For instance, if validation took place on the 20th, salaries would be paid between the 25th and the 28th, and banks would be credited on the 23rd.

As they wait for paychecks to load, other banks besides GCB and ADB can take longer than three (3) days to credit your account.

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NOTE: These dates are not fixed. System upgrade, economy situations, and workers’ conditions at controller can affect the dates provided below.

Updates will be given when there are changes in the expected dates, feel free to come back here for updates.

MonthValidation DateController PaymentBank Alert
January18th to 20th24th26th to 27th
February17th to 21st24th27th to 28th
March18th to 22nd24th27th to 28th
April19th to 22nd25th26th
May19th to 22nd25th29th
June19th to 22nd26th28th
July19th to 22nd25th28th
August18th to 21st25th28th
September18th to 21st25th28th
October20th to 23rd24th28th
November15th to 18th24th28th
December15th to 18th20th22nd
Dates That Have Been Proposed For Validation And Payment of Public Sector Employees’ Salaries

Salaries are subject to 30% base pay increment

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