Confirmed WAEC Grading System for The BECE 2023 Exam

The BECE for 2023 began on August 7 and ended today, August 11, 2023. What grading scheme will WAEC apply to the BECE candidates this year? When will the BECE 2023 results be made public? When will these JHS graduates from BECE go to SHS?

When will the BECE 2023 results be made public?

The average turnaround time to release the findings is forty-five (45) days, which will be on Monday, September 25, 2023. More information on this will be released in the coming days.

I will be sharing with you in this article the possible grading scheme WAEC may employ for the BECE in 2023.

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BECE grading scale for 2023

The expected WAEC grading scheme can be found below;

90-100: Grade A which is 1 and interprets as Highest

80-89: Grade B+ which is 2 and interprets as Higher

70-79: Grade B which is 3 and interprets as High

60-69: Grade C+ which is 4 and interprets as High average

55-59: Grade C which is 5 and interprets as Average

50-54: Grade D+ which is 6 and interprets as Low average

40-49: Grade D which is 7 and interprets as Low

35-39: Grade E which is 8 and interprets as Lower

0-34: Grade F which is 9 and interprets as Lowest

Candidates in Ghana’s Junior High School final year sit for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) once a year in June or July.

Candidates are cautioned not to fall for con artists who use sweet talk them to trace their papers. It is a complete hoax because there is nothing like paper tracing after the exam.

Everything you wrote will be graded in accordance with the answers in the marking system from the syllabus you were taught for the three years.

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